How to Get Unlimited Free Algebra 1 Worksheets

Whether you are a student looking to get in extra practice or you are an algebra teacher who needs to provide worksheets for a class, there is no reason why you should pay for algebra worksheets if you want Algebra 1 help. It can be a pain to get the format correct when you create your own worksheets, so here we’re going to show you how to get unlimited free Algebra 1 worksheets that you can customize to whatever subject you’re working on.

You’re going to need a simple spreadsheet to make our method for creating free Algebra 1 worksheets work. There is a free piece of software called OpenOffice that you can download if you want a downloadable solution, or you can use a spreadsheet at Google Docs which is free to use and is accessible from any computer that has Internet access. Google Docs also requires no download.

What you want to do is section off two sheets titled “Questions” and “Answers.” On the sheet for the questions, you’re going to format your questions however you want and set them up with sample numbers. For example, if you want to practice solving linear equations, you might want to set up the A column to hold a coefficient, the B column to hold the text “x +” or “x -” and the C column to hold a constant. Then the D column could hold the equals sign while the E column holds what comes on the right-hand side of the equals sign. With this pattern, you can create a problem like 2x + 5 = 19 just by filling in the A, C and E columns.

Once your problem is set up, go to your answers sheet and create a formula that will generate the answer. If your problem is 2x + 5 = 19 like above, then the formula might be =(E1-C1)/A1. From there you can just copy and paste the formula down a column to generate the answers for multiple questions. You can also use a randomize function to generate the actual numbers for the problems at the same time. Using this method, you can create a limitless supply of free Algebra 1 worksheets after only having to set up your spreadsheet once.