How to Rest During Study Break

Study at school, college or higher education institution means hard intellectual work. You will not manage to come back home as it is necessary to prepare for occupations again. Sometimes the educational routine sucks in so that there is no free time left for recuperation. I will share some advice how to have the necessary rest from mental work.

If after physical work it is possible to have a sleep, lie down, to read the book – and everything will pass, then it is more complex to cope with intellectual fatigue. When you constantly load a brain new information, will gain boomerang effect. Memory and attention will worsen, there will be problems with a dream and with mood. That it did not happen, and study was a burden not, and in joy, learn to have a rest from mental work.

Eat properly

Will surprise you, but the reason of fatigue can disappear in improper feeding. In our organism every second there is a heap of reactions in which vitamins, minerals, ­ minerals, irreplaceable fatty acids and amino acids participate­. The brain especially needs vitamins B, D, K and E.

eating while reading a book

Problems with memory

If it is heavy to remember new information, means in your organism there are not enough vitamins E and B1. There is a lot of vitamin E in nuts, fish, eggs, bean and some fruit (avocado, dried apricots). B1 vitamin gets to an organism from milk and dairy products, meat, fish and sea products, grain, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms.

When the head hurts

Often the head hurts? Probably, in your diet there are not enough products with vitamin E. We wrote about sources of this vitamin above. Try to eat in the dining room of a dish from these products or take nuts on having a snack.

When you are tired unjustly

If you feel sluggish and sleepy, probably, you eat products with vitamin D a little. Therefore, lean on fish and seafood, eggs, meat, fat milk and dairy products, mushrooms and seaweed.

If everything around irritates

Irritability and not concentration can be a signal that in an organism there is not enough potassium. Therefore, you eat vegetables of green color: all species of cabbage, spinach, green peas, asparagus haricot. Do not forget about fruit (pears, grapes, apples) and dried fruits.

When hands and legs grow dumb

It is sign that you need B12 vitamin. Most of all it in meat and a liver, calves of fish, eggs and dairy products.

If the healthy nutrition did not save you from problems, address the therapist, he will advise pharmaceutical vitamins. To choose drugs independently nevertheless we do not advise.

Relax on the weekends

The eternal workaholic to be harmful. Outstanding work does not allow to relax and have a rest, chronic intellectual fatigue and nervousness appears. Therefore, plan the days off. Look for interesting and useful actions, have actively a rest with friends, meet relatives or chat with girls online. So that there was enough energy and mood for new educational week.

It is necessary to have a rest from mental work. You will not waste precious time for preparation for occupations, examinations. It is best to take a break for 20 minutes and with new forces quickly and to qualitatively perform work, then to try to push the same time without results information into the crowded brain. The doctrine is light, do not turn it into darkness.

Sleep for 8 hours a day

The whole day your brain actively works. In it toxins which oppress work of nervous cages accumulate. That it did not happen, during sleep the brain is cleaned from dangerous garbage. The insufficient dream is harmful: appear absent-mindedness, memory and attention worsen. For this reason, before tests, examinations or CT sleep well, be not torn to learn everything in one night.

sleeping guy

If you do not adhere to the dream mode, it is time to think of it. Advise teenagers to sleep from 8 to 9 hours a day and to lay down no later than 12 o’clock in the morning. For an hour to a dream pass into the quiet mode: try to learn nothing and not to read, not to sit in phone and the computer. Listen to the relaxing music, take a bath or just lie down in silence.

That there is enough time to rest, plan it.

Happens to have a rest from mental work, it is necessary just to plan a break. After all, nobody cancelled maintaining a usual notebook. Paint the day on hours and minutes to use time it is rational.

Release your sexual energy

If you are tired of studying and want to relax right away, we always recommend using Jasmine webcams where you meet girls online and can watch live cam shows of them stripping nude. This is a good way to let your brain to relax as other parts of the brain are being activated. It will give you fresh look at things and you will be able to start learning again. Breaks are important and besides simple sleep, engaging with live cam girls will help you to release sexual energy and focus on studying and not thinking about sex anymore.

Change types of activity

One more easy way to have a rest – to replace a type of activity. That the brain has quickly a rest from mental work, it is enough to make usual warm-up. If you visit sections, circles, then the issue will be resolved in itself. When there is no such opportunity, walk with friends in the park, ride a bike or be engaged in a hobby. As a hand will remove intellectual fatigue.

outside walking

Give yourself an easy massage

On ears, palms, fingers of hands and on your feet as there are biologically active points which are connected with a brain. Massing them, you will remove stress and will have a rest from mental work. This way seems improbable, but it is justified for years of practice. Chinese, for example, consider massage of palms one of important recipes of longevity. Hindus and Japanese by means of massage of feet cure insomnia and epilepsy.